Getting Better Sleep

Personalized Hypnosis for Health

Jeff Harpring, CHt
Certified Hypnotherapist

Not having enough sleep can adversely impact the health of even a normally healthy person. So many people either don't take their lack of sleep seriously, or they struggle to find ways of improving it. Continuing to operate day in and day out with inadequate sleep, will detrimentally impact your life. Inadequate sleep can negatively impact your life to the point where it can decrease your ability to succeed as a student, negatively affect your ability to perform job duties, seriously harm, or destroy your relationships, and drastically increase the chance of you being involved in a vehicular crash that could result in injuries of fatalities. 

" I have been sleeping great!! From three hours a night to seven hours a night!!  That is huge! I feel much better and look forward to continuing with my CD and monthly visits. I trust Jeff Harpring to hypnotize me, and I highly recommend him! "
Marianne Pauline Jackson



Lack of sleep can, not only leave you just feeling run down, and can make you succeptable to illnesses. Sleep is very important for your mind and body, and good healthy sleep is critical for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 


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